Flawowine by Aurélien Hervé

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How to highlight smell on a wine bottle? “Here the chateau or the year doesn’t matter. The brand Flavowine puts forwards the most important point to appreciate a wine: the smell. Based on perfume testers, the collar indicates the aromas of the bottle. Fruity, floral, vegetable, spicy, woody, empyreumatic , mineral, lactic or animal. Wine dropped onto the card will show this information. Better yet, they allow you to smell the wine without opening the bottle. Moreover, the collar can be used as a coaster. As a means of democratizing wine tasting, the second label explains how to appreciate it. Black has always been synonymous with elegance. Here it is also at the service of the bouquet. The bottle prepares us to have an olfactory experience, where the sense of sight is secondary.” Designed by Aurélien Hervé from France

By Kristina de Verdier On 12 July, 2016 Leave a comment