Raw C Coconut water by Saltree

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raw c coconut water packaging design tetra pak

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Coconut Water by Australian Raw C. One of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle, Pete Evans, is part-owner of the company. Designed by Saltree.

“Raw C first approached Saltree to develop a Path-to-Market Retail Strategy to aquire distribution within major Australian supermarkets. In a highly competitive market, it was agreed that to succeed, we needed to rebuild the Raw C brand from the ground up.

Intensive research was conducted along with a indepth master Brand Planning Program to ensure that the new brand cut through the competitive set.

Raw C doesn’t just bottle any coconut water and we don’t just slap a logo on a pack and call it a brand.

From the hand-painted typography, brandmark and illustrations to the retail packaging design, website and marketing collateral, every touchpoint of Raw C’s rebrand was carefully crafted and in direct alignment to the brand’s philosophy of Accept No Compromise.

Since relaunching, Raw C has has exprienced 20% growth in total sales and is now stocked in major Australian and international retailer outlets.”