Sigg by Brunner Mettler

Sigg thilo brunner reusable sustainable packaging designThe industrial designers Thilo Brunner and  Joerg Mettler (Brunner Mettler), were asked to create a thermos-version of the iconic Sigg bottle. In an article in Frame, Brunner explains “It’s a family of sturdy thermoses, they belong to a category of physical products that won’t be replaced by immaterial ones: products used for food and drinks. They look very simple and inconspicuous, despite the high-tech complexity that went into their development. The bottles are democratic in price and readily available. They restrict the overuse of PET bottles.” He explains the design intent: “Because of the iconic design of the original bottle, it was clear from the outset that we wouldn’t be starting with a clean slate. Our job was more about treating the old guy with respect, while giving him a more contemporary appearance. We knew the market demanded a larger opening, and we had to incorporate insulation. The double-walled construction considerably increases the total volume of the bottle, but it holds the same amount of liquid. The goal was to make a sleek form despite the extra volume. To make the shapes as fluid as possible, we used splines to draw the bottles. To get the desired curves and balanced proportions, we constantly changed splines, often fighting for tenths of millimetres to achieve a pleasing overall look.”