Paper craft with love

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Kim Walltin paper craft future days packaging
Fantastic paper craft by Kim Walltin, packaging designer based in Malmö, Sweden.
“I have been inspired and delighted by paper since when I studied Product Development and Design, where my thesis was a disposable snuff cup in just paper, aimed at restaurants. When transforming a one-dimensional sheet of paper to obtain a three-dimensional gut tingling shape, this is where the fascination lies for me. I create all my sculptures without the use of glue, using a tab system that lock into each other. A pretty demanding craft, but very amusing when you get to it. Paper has conveyed ideas and thoughts in both flat and folded form through the ages and still feels super relevant, even in our digital world.
It all started when I discovered the incredibly nice post modern buildings in my hometown Malmö and started to photograph and publish them in my instagram. I got a creative splash and knew I wanted to re-configure the impressions I got from these buildings from an artistic perspective. So it was natural for me to create this in paper since I already handle this ok. I have always been very fond of coulours, so setting the different color palettes from intricate concepts became an important ingredient. While I was working, I listened to the old radio show Eldorado, and from there came the inspiration for naming by the New Wave songs from the 80´s. I am extremely inspired by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren’s World’s End shop in Chelsea in the 80s and Dario Argento’s over-coloured horror films too. Everything that I like, I fit into the world of Future Days.”
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