Sechzisch & Vierzisch

Sechzisch Vierzisch packaging design 1 Sechzisch Vierzisch packaging design 2

“‘Sechzisch Vierzisch’ takes the classic ‘Persching’ drink from Germany’s Rheinhessen region and turns it into a hip and lovingly crafted mixed wine beverage. To folks in Mainz, the name on the bottle says it all: a blend of sixty (sechzisch) percent rosé wine and forty (vierzisch) percent orange soda produces a peach-hued drink (hence the Rhenish Hessian name “Persching”) that is served, oddly enough, in a beer bottle. Those are the dry facts.

The legend goes like this: once upon a time, 200 years ago, a clumsy winemaker’s wife named Lotte had a bike accident, and the oranges she was carrying fell into a wine trough. Unaware of what had happened, her husband, Henry, stomped the grapes as usual and marveled at the strange orange color. Once Lotte had explained the mishap and Henry knew he didn’t want his harvest to go to waste, he proceeded to further process the pulpy mix into wine…. That’s Sechzisch Vierzisch’s own anecdote about the company’s creation.” Via Sturm und Drang