Swedish Kombucha

svensk kombucha packaging design 2Swedish Kombucha is a small microbrewery in Stockholm – which started its business during spring, 2011. “We started drinking Kombucha during our college years in early 2000’s in New York where it is a common and popular health drink. We missed our daily bottled of “Booch” back in Sweden and started brewing our own.”

Health should be simple. Kombucha is tea created by a fermentation process that has vitamins, good bacteria and antioxidants. All we have done is to put it in a pretty bottle for you. Kombucha is a carbonated health drink based on organic tea and contains living bacteria/yeast culture, B-vitamins, antioxidants, organic acidsand enzymes. It’s a fizzy and refreshing thirst quencher – a great alternative to Vitamin Water and energy drinks.

By Kristina de Verdier On 22 June, 2014 In , Leave a comment