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Jonas Lundin is writing about the new dawn for the stand-up pouch.

“About a decade ago, the packaging industry anticipated a new revolution in packaging, even if not new to the world (The patent hails back from the 1960s), the Stand-Up-Pouch packaging solution were popping up in shelves around the globe, not only in the usual-suspect orange-beverage it’s so heavily associated with, but in more premium categories and brands. However, the predicted boom were, if a boom at all, short-lived as a more premium packaging. The shiny, often flimsy, pouches weren’t perceived by consumers as neither functional, premium nor in-line with current trends, and retailers weren’t too happy about the little bags that seemingly lived their own life on the shelves. But perhaps the time is now, with improved rigidity, refined closures (screw-tops, spouts and even velcro solutions), and a shift towards more matte and paper-feel finishes that tags along well with current trends of ecology, craftsmanship and a general tiredness of over-packaged products, the Stand-Up may just win consumers hearts across categories.”

Good Apples Skoop Pouch Packaging Design

Alex Bugovsky of CP+B fame, together with US, Colorado based Good Apples. They recently created a rather intriguing packaging for Superfood maker Skoop, sporting a tongue-in-cheek copy and info-graphic-esque design.

oloves pouch olive packaging design

Oloves recently re-branded and re-packed their range of olives into stand-up-pouches with a matte, paper-feel finish and hand-drawn graphics. packaging design pouch

Noteworhty is also US based Pentagram’s re-brand of’s packaging. With bright ”here-I-am” colour-scheme and matte finish, that is for sure standing out in the snacks-section.

By Kristina de Verdier On 8 April, 2014