Bread Concept Triple Sales





It´s nice to follow up and see how well a product makes it to the market. Identity Works designed this Crisp Bread Concept for Leksands Knäckebröd. And can now tell that it has outperformed even the most modest sales estimations. “Currently 3 times expected volumes it goes a long way to showing the impact great products, ideas and craftsmanship can make without the need for media spends.” See how valuable it is to invest in solid design work, and proper packaging design development.

Here is the story about the concept: “Thin crisp bread is one of Sweden’s most loved household staples. During recent years a new premium category has begun to emerge through a number of newly formed challenger brands. As the ‘traditional’ crisp bread market leader, Leksands decided it was time to establish themselves in this rapidly expanding category. Their overall aim: lead it.

To achieve this they wanted to create an entirely new product, one capable of positioning itself as premium and modern. With flavour and format generation central to the brief it was clear this would be no ordinary rehash of an existing product. A competitor analysis revealed that many of these ‘new bakeries’ were actively trying to look authentic by creating an illusion of heritage. As a genuine, family owned bakery spanning 6 generations Leksands has no shortage of authentic heritage, stories and secrets.

Thus our key objective was born – tell the Leksands story in a relevant and appealing way for the modern, urban consumer. Delivery included concept, name generation, structural and pack design.”

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