Reusable ceramic wine bottle



A reusable ceramic bottle keeping the wine cold even in warm weather, from Mer Soleil.

“In 1988 our family planted grapes in the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation of Monterey County because we believed it would provide the best growing conditions in California for Chardonnay. We started making Mer Soleil, a barrel fermented Chardonnay in the classic full blown California style. But years later we started to see that the market was also interested in unoaked Chardonnay. That’s when my family and I decided to seize the moment and make a second Chardonnay named “SILVER” that would remain free of oak and made in a classic Chablis style with tropical elements and crisp, pure, mineral essence. Furthermore we decided to age and ferment this wine in stainless steel and natural cement tanks imported from France. But wait… it gets better. After doing a lot of research and planning we also decided to bottle this wine in a ceramic bottle to pay tribute to this winemaking style.

Not only does the bottle help maintain a cool serving temperature but it’s 100% reusable! We’ve seen many people use our ceramic bottle as a decanter, a water pitcher at the dinner table, candle holder, even as a vase for flowers.”