Femme Natural Boost



Designed by Ehrenstråhle & Wågnert. “Femme Natural Boost is an energy drink that turns to a female audience that, in the current situation, have no alternative available in a product category in which communication signals mostly extreme sports, masculinity and testosterone. The challenge was therefore to develop a package that attracts the audience without, for that matter, alluding to the old image of what is feminine.

Femininity and independence were the key words in the creation of Femme’s brand, which included a complete graphic profile and packaging design. In terms of branding we wanted to express attitude and self- confidence with the female at the heart of it, which sets Femme apart from other competitors in the energy drink market. By working with a saturated yet distinctive color along with hand-drawn typeface, the can got an expression that was feminine without being perceived as cliché-like.”

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