Tea capsules



 “Tea in capsules, from Swedish brand Löfbergs Lila. 347 %. That is how much the sales of capsules in Sweden increased in 2011 (Source: AC Nielsen, Jan 2012). Coffee capsules of all kinds have become a best-seller, and the capsule machine is very common in Swedish homes. The machine now has more fields of application. Last year Löfbergs Lila launched tea capsules under the trademark Kobbs. The possibility of brewing one cup at a time in a quick and easy way is a success. It is great to be able to offer all tea drinkers this easy solution. At the same time, you preserve the great taste qualities that you find in loose tea. It tastes more and looks more delicious in your tea cup, says Leif Sjöblom, marketing manager at Löfbergs Lila.” Via Mynewsdesk

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