Starbucks introduces $1 reusable cups




In an effort to increase customer adoption of reusable cups, Starbucks is rolling out a $1 reusable plastic cup at its cafes starting Thursday. The plastic cups will be roughly the same size and appearance as the company’s paper cups. Starbucks will give a 10 cents discount to customers using the cups, so the cost is recouped after 10 uses. As with other reusable cups, the new cups will be cleaned with boiling water each time customers bring them in. In 2008, the company had said it wanted to serve 25 percent of all drinks in reusable cups by 2015. That goal has since been reduced to 5 percent. Via NY Daily News and Sustainable Brands.

By Kristina de Verdier On 4 January, 2013 In , , , 1 comment · Leave a comment