100 x 100 Organic Food

Adrián Froufe is a spanish product designer based in Milan (Italy) and here is his Product Design BA Final Project. “100×100 is a brand dedicated to organic food that seeks to create links between rural producers and urban consumers and tries to improve the quality of the products we consume in our day to day lives. In addition, we have tought to give this brand a new and attractive aesthetic component that breaks with the classic image of organic and environmentally friendly products. All packaging of 100×100, except for the obvious elements, is made of the same material: corrugated cardboard, to which the seeds of various herbs are added in the manufacturing process. When the container is no longer useful, it can be planted and the seeds will sproud. Thus, the idea of recycling takes on a different dimension to the traditional: From our waste we can generate life.” Made with the assistance of Frédéric Misik. Branding design in collaboration with graphic designer Jesús A. Nieto