Davines Sustainable Strategy



Davines high end hair and skin care products from Parma, Italy. Through a group of guiding principles they aim to create the most environmentally friendly packaging possible.

Less raw material is possible – so as not to burden on natural resources. For example, by using fewer raw materials, we were able to reduce 33.3% the amount of plastic used for litre size bottles of Davines / Essential Haircare. Another strategy consists in simplifying the packaging system. We did this for our Finest Pigments and Authentic Formulas lines, by applying  multi-page labels directly on the packaging avoiding an additional external box. And is the outer package is really necessary?

It comes from suppliers that are close to the packing site To control the pollution generated from transportation. Among close suppliers we favour those certified for renewable source usage, recovery of water or use, for example, FSC paper.

It can be reused The packaging will last longer if it is created with a reusable purpose.  Our “success story” are Davines/Essential Haircare bottles; they are certified food grade packaging and this means that they can be reused even in the freezer and in the microwave. To all these attentions we add a pinch of ingenuity and small technical tricks such as logistical optimisation; Energy savings within the production chain and the selection of biodegradable materials. For instance, all Naturaltech cases are made of compostable paper. Finally we shall not omit to recall that all Davines products are realised with 100% clean Energy produced by the sun, the wind and the water.”