LägereBräu Box






Secondary package designed  for the Swiss brewery LägereBräu. Made by Oliver Wehn, Thomas Lehner and Jacob Kadrmas

“The print substrate is a cartonboard named Frövi Carry that is commonly used for packaging solutions like this one. We decided to turn the coated white side to the inside to reveal the original material through the untreated brown side of the carton sheet. The box is printed in three colors: yellow (a special spot color mixed for the brewery), an opaque white as first coat printed under the yellow and finally black for the texts. The printing plates for the texts can be varied to define the particular sort of beer the box is made for. A matt varnish is printed nearly all over the box with just the corona left open to achieve its unobtrusive and subtle appearance. Laterally information about the producer is placed. On one side there is a short text on the brand «LägereBräu» itself. On the opposite side a short description provides further information on the particular sort of beer. If you open the box at the perforation it reveals the inner coated surface of the cardboard. We printed the entire inside with the yellow spot color to support the idea of the box being just a physical container that on its opening discloses all the ideas and values connected to the brand and it’s product.”