Stretchable Paper

FibreForm – a packaging paper that can replace plastic where it was previously impossible. “The potential for creating unique packaging solutions is enormous. Never before has there been a similar paper on the market”, says Peter Bergström, Product Area Manager, and responsible for the development project of Billerud FibreForm. The high stretchability of the paper means that it can be formed. And with a stretchability of up to 20 per cent, FibreForm breaks records. The normal stretchability of paper is usually between 2 and 4 per cent. Some sack papers can reach up to 7 per cent. Fibreform offers new opportunities for packaging solutions such as deep-drawn trays. “FibreForm can be converted in normal thermoforming machines without any major investments being required so it’s perfect for food products. It is also possible to make really deep embossings, something that has previously been impossible on paper”, says Peter Bergström. Read more here