Bone Project – Ethical Defendable?

What’s this? Bone? This looks cruel. But as a matter of fact we have these rest products around the globe. And Andrew Ross – a creative soul has done an extensive project about how we could deal with it. The Bone Project has discovered ways to use bone when it’s a waste material. Research was divided between three different areas: perception, properties and fabrication. I would personally like to see more answers around perception; how ethical defendable is this? Would people accept it as they accept leather or red meat? Is leather and meat getting less and less accepted and this would be a step backwards? He developed a whole portfolio of products and during the process he also discovered that bone possesses unique chemical properties. Existing research proposes that ground bone can be used to remediate soil contaminated with heavy metals.  However, it should be possible to use whole bone to absorb the toxins released by electronic products, and batteries, upon their disposal. Therefore he designed this battery capsule.

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