Wine in PET?

Boisset introduces Fog Mountain Merlot in a 1-L PET bottle. I recommend you to read through the article on Greener Package. You will see some statements about sustainability, which as always will give you different answers depending on who you ask. Boisset in this case, claims that the PET bottles have a smaller carbon footprint than comparable glass bottles and require less energy to produce, ship, and recycle. A big driver for these companies is of course cost – amount of material – which in many cases also drives environmental impact. A 1-L Fog Mountain Merlot PET bottle contains 33% more wine than a standard 750-mL glass bottle, even though the two bottles are similar in physical size. Interesting! I have always found it so interesting that the icon of a traditional wine bottle is so strong, that even if new technologies enable more efficient distribution – it’s hard to make a change. Consumers have a strong power whether this will be a success or not.