Tesco – unwanted packaging back to the store

Tesco has initiated a program which will allow people to leave unwanted packaging at the store. The program will run for six weeks in a few selected stores around UK. The intention is to find out which kinds of packaging people find unnecessary and useless. Tesco points out that this is a pilot test – a consumer test to get their feedback and use that as an input for future work. Alasdair James, Tesco’s head of energy, waste, and recycling says: “We know our customers expect us to help them recycle easily, and we have also committed ourselves to cutting our own waste. This unique pilot helps us do both. Packaging left by customers at the store will tell us a lot about areas we may need to look at again, as well as where we have got it right.” Read the full article from the Guardian here

By Kristina de Verdier On 20 April, 2009 In , , , , Leave a comment