Egg Packaging

This is one of my favorite packaging – the classic egg carton. Made from paper pulp and has been around for decades, invented in 1911. It´s design has not changed much since then. It was replaced for a while with PET packaging but people preferred the natural look and feel of the paper pulp carton, probably gives a stronger connection to natural and healthy product inside. A good thing with pulp is that it doesn’t require bleach treatment to achieve a high quality surface, which recycled paper often needs. It has a natural textured surface. The pulp material is chemical free and is much more environmentally friendly than the plastic PET alternative. A truly easy-to-open package…Ok you have to be careful to not crash the eggs, but overall so simple and nicely done.

By Kristina de Verdier On 27 December, 2008 In , , , , 1 comment · Leave a comment