Compostable Bread Packaging

Compostable Bread Packaging from Village Bakery

Found this nice little figure in a paper about drivers for biodegradable/compostable plastics and role of composting in waste management and sustainable agriculture. Reading about this subject, it´s definitely moving forward, but big concerns when plastics and bio-degradable materials not are distinguished enough, so the consumers mix them up – problems for the recycling management.An article from the city of LA, where Neil Guglielmo, a division manager with the city’s Bureau of Sanitation says: When you talk about making something compostable, it’s great, but the downside is: Can you then actually compost it? I’d hate to see compostable bags end up having to go to a landfill. “When compostable plastic is mixed with standard plastic, it makes the batch structurally unsound. And the result can only be tossed into a landfill.”