CleanWell gives package 2nd life

CleanWell designed a soap bottle together with Ideo where one of the design features is a label which is easily removed. And through that give consumers the possibility to re-use the package. Some words about the development from CleanWell:

“The bottle treatment was inspired by a human-centric approach to design and development. In fact, the concept for the packaging came from insights gleaned in our early development work. We found many consumers made purchase decisions for hand soap based the appearance first (scent second) and how it may accent (or clash with) their décor and/or personal sense of style.  And since the sink counter in most kitchens and bathrooms highly visible, the more “garishly” designed labels, often covered in imagery and cluttered with marketing claims, were passed over or their contains was removed and placed into a secondary bottle “plain bottle” after purchase”

“With this in mind, we designed our labels with a low-tac adhesive for easy removal and maintained minimal branding/messaging on the base bottle. The bottle was frosted to appear more like glass then PET plastic, and project a more premium feel. We hope that the end result gives the customers a more considerate package and supports our efforts to deliver responsible products, both inside and out.”

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